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Samsung Galaxy S8+ From Globe Postpaid Unboxing


Inside the box* you should find:

1 x Samsung Galaxy S8+
1 x Mains power adaptor
1 x USB lead
1 x In-line earphones
1 x Information pack
1 x USB/Micro USB adaptor
1 x USB-C/Micro USB adaptor
1 x SIM tray tool
*some box contents may vary

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ takes a nano-SIM card, which fits in to a small tray found on the top edge of the phone. As the phone doesn't have a removable back cover you will need the handy SIM tool, which looks like a paper clip and comes in the smartphone packaging. If you wish to expand the storage available by adding a memory card, you'll need to have that to hand as well.

Insert the SIM Card

To insert the SIM, first find the outline of the SIM tray on the top edge of the handset. You'll see there is a small hole at one end of it; Insert the pin on the supplied SIM tool into this hole and press against the spring to force the SIM tray to pop out.

The SIM tray holds both the SIM and memory cards. Place the nano-SIM into the smaller holder, which is located at the end of the tray that is inserted into the phone. Make sure that the card is placed with the contacts facing down, and the cut-off corner correctly orientated.

The microSD card should then be placed into the larger holder, which sits nearest to the flanged end of the tray. This should be orientated so that the gold-coloured contacts are facing down, and the narrow end of the card is nearest the SIM card.

With the cards installed into the tray, slide the SIM tray back in to the phone and press into place. You're now ready to turn on the phone and complete the setup wizard. Welcome to your new handset!

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